Support Other Works

With a mission to bring positive social change through various social innovations and collaborations with diverse social contributors – corporate groups, governments, and individuals, BASIC was started in August 2011. The first project BASIC took up was supporting ‘Tabitha Home’ through various ways.

Tabitha Home is a home/shelter exclusively for HIV infected orphans, located at Raphei Valley, Imphal (Manipur) founded by NSCP and managed by Mr. Thanshok Kamkra and his wife Tammi.Today, it’s a home to 12 HIV+ orphans and a support for many people who are infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. Starting with BASIC group members, we collected monthly financial support from interested people and sent it to support the children at Tabitha Home.

*To know more about Tabitha Home click here –

*If you are interested to join us and support the home, do contact us or call us.


NOTE: BASIC team is in the process of identifying and mapping many other organisations, groups, shelter homes, etc that need urgent help and intervention to function more effectively.