Project: ’7×7′ Music project

Without doubt, the Northeast region of India often gets featured on news headlines of many major news channels and platforms for its affair with drugs and youth who are lost to its abuse. Here are writings on the wall of some news platforms –

  •  “Every third person in the region is or has been a drug addict at some point in his or her life. The most shocking thing that he told was that it is not easy to spot an old person there; not because they have a secret anti-aging potion or something, but because the life expectancy in the region is very low and most people die young; a major part of their lives goes into nothing else but drug abuse. No doubt the influence of the substance-use takes a person to a different world, completely disconnected from the reality; especially when the reality is also not so rosy as the North Eastern part of India is one of the least developed region with very few infrastructural, educational and employment opportunities.” (
  • “The system is complex and involves everyone. “From the police to the politicians, the army, the BSF, the excise and customs officers, and the underground,” says a pastor on the condition of anonymity, “everyone is involved in Manipur’s drug trade.” A trade that is illegal, but no one seems to mind.”( 
  •  “Two years after my husband’s death, I discovered to my horror that I am HIV- affected as I was unable to recover from a prolonged illness. Why should I pay for the sins which my druggie husband committed? He was an IDU and had AIDS,” 41-one-year-old Reeta (name changed on request) told IANS.” (

 These and many others cases to which we/people of the NE are no stranger, affirms the need to urgently address drug abuse issues of our society. So, here is an attempt to take a step towards bringing healing, and to try finding solutions to the issues together- a musical journey with various well-known and socially responsible artists from all the states of Northeast India. We look forward to bringing out an album that will feature songs addressing or highlighting drug abuse issues in the region.

After the completion of the album, we will organise a launch concert to create awareness among the youth in New Delhi, focussing mainly on the NE youths. It will then be followed by various such awareness concerts in different states of Northeast India.

We have read too many news and articles and faced too many disturbing real life cases to be left unchallenged by the need to respond. Let’s all take this journey together to find answers to the issues that ails our society and say boldly without regret that “we care, we tried and we did” something for our society, our family, our friends and our nation. Music, being a universal language and one of the most powerful tools to reach out to the youth, will be a great empowering force for the journey ahead!

Objective of the music album:

BASIC team believes in creating sustainable and long-term fund generating products and programs/projects. We seek to create platform that can attract people’s attention as well. Music being the universal language works best in achieving the said goals. It is one of the most powerful tools to engage youth and involve them in a dialogue.

This music album with songs from various Northeast artists will function as ‘Music bank’ ??? rich in music talent that will generate fund for social change.  It’s like a onetime investment of talent that will generate fund for many coming years and help many people in need. BASIC will be responsible for its promotion and all proceed from sale will go to support people especially caught in drug abuse issues.

Beneficiaries and long term plan:

From experience we know that the worst sufferer, long-term impact and victim of drug abuse are mostly not the drug users but people around them especially family.  We have been supporting ‘Tabitha Home??? for more than two years now and helping the HIV+ orphans bring tremendous satisfaction knowing that not only are we supporting those suffering kids but amending for the past also. All the children had IDU fathers (and all HIV+).

Through this album and possibly the fund to be raised through the planned concert, we will support people in need with special focus on HIV+ orphans. Also, given the size of the fund we will also support and target people into drug abuse problems to get needful support by helping them get into rehabilitation centres and provide an opportunity to change for better. We will select and partner with organisations already supporting and running such support projects for drug abusers.