Our Work

The first project BASIC took up was supporting ‘Tabitha Home??? through various ways. Tabitha Home is a home/shelter exclusively for HIV infected orphans, located at Raphei Valley, Imphal (Manipur) founded by NSCP (Networking Service for Community Participation) and managed by Mr. Thanshok Kamkra and his wife Tammi.

Following are some of the works BASIC has been engaged with –

Organising awareness and fund raising events: The major initiative was organising BASIC – awareness & fund raising musical concerts in 2011 and 2012 during World AIDS Day.

Media engagement: By setting up and managing a Facebook page for Tabitha Home, we network with various people through this platform and also create awareness about the issues of HIV & AIDS especially the issues of HIV+ children. We aim to support and empower struggling as well as small NGOs or group with media engagement tools and connect them to the target audience more effectively. Not only social media but setting up website and become more multi-media savvy.

BASIC also took up media engagement initiatives by inviting media people and arranging visits to the home.  In addition, information about Tabitha Home was made available to various interested media. A wide media coverage and support was raised through it. We strive to maintain strong media relations and engage them in social issues dialogues. Also bring to the forefront and highlight works done by people from remote and non-accessible places to public attention. Connectivity and awareness should go hand in hand.

Enhancing Livelihood and : One of the exercises we did was purchasing & donating flower seeds and bulbs. Flower plantation and sale is one of the major incomes generating means for the home. So after assessing their livelihood means and best outcomes, we conducted this support drive. The 1st phase was quite successful. And we aim to conduct such many and other initiatives that will create more income and enhance livelihood means for our partners and beneficiaries.

Also we initiated and invited people to visit the home and help out in whatever way they can. Some have donated clothes, food, etc. We also arranged socio-cultural exposure trips. Last year around 10 people from Delhi and abroad visited the home. Tabitha Home arranged the lodging and fooding for them, and earned some money through it. Moreover, their donation also helped Tabitha Home financially.

Networking and connectivity: So far BASIC has supported Tabitha Home annual health camps. BASIC networked with many target groups to extend support and contribute towards organising the health camp. 

Very soon we are expanding the work and engage with other partners. BASIC aims at creating information exchange and sharing platforms where people from diverse sections and also from different areas can come together towards empowering each other with better ideas and social innovative mechanism.

Publication and documentation: We published Tabitha Home pamphlet along with many others for networking with various stakeholders. The need to share right information in the correct format for wider reach and accessibility is very important. Many small groups or NGOs are challenged in documentation. BASIC strives to do capacity building for such and many others for dissemination of information and connectivity.