The Bright Morning Star: Abi Angami #Being BASIC

She is an associate pastor, a teacher in A.G bible school, praise and worship leader, a skilled crafts (wo)man, social activist and a mother to 17 children.

Today as we witnessed yet anotherInternational Day of Girl Child, BASIC is glad to share the story of a young woman who shines like the bright morning star as she leads and run an orphanage named “Bright Morning Star Children Home” in Kohima, Nagaland.

Abi Angami founded the Bright Morning Star Children’s Home in 2012. At present 17 children resides there. She has been financing this home with her pastor’s salary and by selling crafts and flower arrangements that she makes herself. Here is a short interview excerpt that one of our team members took during his recent visit to the home.

abi angami wit kids

BASIC: Why did you start Bright morning star orphanage?

Abi: It was a long drawn dream of mine to build a shelter for the destitute especially for women and children. Bright morning star home is my response to God ‘call. My life experience and work exposure have only strengthened my determination to establish such a home.

BASIC: What is it like being a female associate pastor?

Abi: I consider this as an honour. I thank God and my church for this post. Moreover I am a person who loves to be occupied all the time and keep myself busy with multiple responsibilities. Being an Associate Pastor means you have to take care of all the church activities especially Sunday Service, Youth Activities and so on. Though the task is demanding at times, I enjoy it anyways.

BASIC: What are the current works you are doing for the orphanage?

Abi: First and foremost the children home had a very humble beginning. Honestly we were not in a position to start a home like this but went ahead obeying God’s call. But along there came support from our good friends and well wisher who came forward and helped us. We have 17 children as of now. Each and every child is taken good care of, fed with nutritious food, given proper accommodation, clothing, education and medical care. We modestly try to raise funds through neutral ways for our very survival. We have a handicraft making center and homemade food unit to support our cause.
*Abram went by faith to a land he did not know, a land he would receive as an inheritance. In addition to receiving the land, God promises Abram that He will bless him, make him a great nation and that through him all the nations on earth will be blessed. This blessing is not exclusive to Abraham or to the nation God promises him. It applies to all the nations, tribe – you and me.

BASIC: How did you get the children who are currently at the home? Any HIV+ kid?

Abi: I travel to remote villages, share my plans and then chose from the poorest of the poor backgrounds, from very different and varied circumstances and geography. Some were brought by good Samaritans, some came through our friends. Here we don’t have any caste/tribe discrimination, everyone is treated equal. We do not have any HIV+ kids at the moment.

BASIC: Are you open to accepting HIV+ orphans also? 

Abi: Our hearts really goes for the HIV+ kids, we really do want to extend our help to such kids, but at this juncture we are not in a position to have them financially and infrastructure wise. But eventually we will have them as well.

BASIC: Major challenges and struggles that you/organisation has gone through and if any that you/organisation is facing currently.

Abi: Challenges were many, from getting a rented place to finding the right people to work with us. The modest salary of an associate pastor was not enough to meet ends. First of all the search for a suitable home went on for many months. People were just not willing to rent off their place for a children home for various reasons. And at one point we decided the home couldn’t wait any longer and we started this home at my parent’s rented house, with couple of kids. Things started to take shape slowly. We managed to find a place at last; the landlord was kind enough to let us have his place on rent.

We got a girl to join us as warden to take care of the kids. We had to borrow from various people to bear the fairly large initial expenses, though we tried really hard to keep it to as minimum as possible, it was beyond our grasp. I should say even today we grapple with financial crisis in a big way, but we believe God will provide for these little ones when they need it. We managed to gather some used items like kitchen utensils, clothes, wooden furniture, bedding etc for our children from our good neighbors, friends and family. This is how we slowly but steadily pieced together our little home into the one as you could see as it is today.

BASIC: What according to you are the best or good solutions to address drug abuse issues in the Northeast India region?

Abi: In my opinion the efforts to address or tackle the drug abuse anywhere, especially in Northeast India, should begin from our respective families, especially parents have a huge responsibility here. Parents should engage, talk to their children and make children aware and educate them about this menace from their tender ages. Parents should keep a constant monitor on their children whereabouts, friends and activities.

Awareness programmes should be taken up by educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities in a major way. Teachers should act as soldiers guarding against this social evil. There should be huge public awareness programmes against drug use. Government’s actions could be pivotal here in making a clear difference. Government should have an iron fist in tackling this issue. I believe the general public, every single individual have a responsibility to do his/her part in eradicating this crime against humanity.

BASIC: Your message for the youth.

Abi: I would tell the youth to know their responsibilities towards themselves, their parents and most importantly the society. They should realise their immense potential; our Youth can do wonders when united, motivated and directed in the right path. Young people believe in yourselves, you are the torchbearers of the future, you have the strength, and you could do wonders for the nation, rise up and stand up to the challenge. God bless you…

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Following are some of the products the home produce to generate income:

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