7×7 Music Review

The recent release of the “7×7″ compilation album by Delhi non-profit BASIC showcases the talents of seven different bands from the Northeastern states, one band from each of the “Seven Sisters”, and displays a broad range of styles and sounds, promising a little musical something for everyone!

Kicking off with the band Abiogenesis, “7×7″ opens with some folksy blues from Nagaland on “Say No To The Deceiver”, continuing with old-school alt-80′s rock by Afflatus from Meghalaya; Alien Conspiracy Theory from Manipur thrashes and growls for the hardcore fanbase on “Reclaim”, featuring a surprising flamenco breakdown, and Borkung from Tripura nicely fills the hip-hop slot with “Power”, featuring his Eminem-inflected stylings and urban-slick production.

Die-hard pop lovers will enjoy “Straight From The Heart” by Frisky Pints from Mizoram, combining sincere lyrics with head-bopping guitar chunking, and The Vinyl Records bring their brand of retro new-wave from Arunachal Pradesh on their track “Coco Bomb”. The real gem of “7×7″‘s Northeastern blend comes with the band Axis from Assam, displaying innovation in songwriting and production with their track “River Runs So Deep”, lush with folk sounds, vocal harmonies, accordion solos, and seamless transitioning between rock sections and folk roots, complete with an electronically-tinged classical alaap-style bridge. The “7×7″ album is available through BASIC (reachbasic@gmail.com) in support of their upcoming “7×7″ drug-awareness benefit concert in Delhi.

*Nolan McFadden (orig. from NYC, USA) is the Director of MusiQwest Academy in New Friends Colony (www.musiqwest.net), teaching guitar, vocals, and music theory, and is a professional musician, educator, and writer based in Delhi.