Clean Up Your Closet and Help People in Need

BASIC is glad to announce the launch of its campaign -
“Clean Up Your Closet and Help People in Need”,
a ‘Clothes Donation’ drive to help the Burmese refugees in Hastsal village, Uttam Nagar (New Delhi).
Starting from 14th till 28th September’13.OLD or NEW, if you can spare a few…
please drop them at – Bamboo Hut – “Naga Cuisine- A Taste Of Tradition”
1598 Outram Lines, Near HDFC ATM,
Kingsway Camp,Dr Mukherji nagar,
New Delhi, India 110009
Phone: +919560574772 , +919873830444
(Sunday closed)
Collect some more from friends and mail us your address & contact number… and we’ll come and pick’em up.
We find many occasions to buy new clothes…but we hardly find reasons or occasions to give away old clothes. But for some people occasions and reasons hold no meaning, simply because they are poor.
SO guys, Let’s CLEAN UP OUR CLOSET and HELP people in need!!