A sinking stone in a bottomless deep
With every prick it drags you deeper
Another noose follows the illusion
Confusing, abusing, reducing you

King for a night in a castle of sand
Fooling senses away you drift in daze
Your great escape on the wings of a needle
But when the thrill wanes, sets in the void

Fight! Right here right now
You can’t do it six feet under
Break! The chains that bind
Time to reclaim what you’ve lost

A walking wreck of what I used to be
Deeper into the state I wanna flee
Lost and forgotten you let me be
Loathed, abandoned, you turned a blind eye

Pointing fingers casting stones
But never will you dig for the root
Amputation as a remedy
We’ve failed to treat the real disease

A luring delusional haven
Overtakes, enslaves n destroy
Leaving nothing but ruin in its wake