Noteworthy Effort by NE Musicians

GUWAHATI: At the launch of a music album, meant to spread awareness on drugs and HIV among youth, in Delhi, Union minister of state for minority affairs Ninong Ering said drug addiction among youths has to be contained permanently. He said his ministry would try to work on the problem.

The album, ’7×7′, an initiative of BASIC (Be Aware, Support, Inform and Care), a non-profit organization based in Delhi and Dimapur in Nagaland, is the first of its kind featuring seven bands from the seven states of the region. The emphasis of the album is to sensitize youths about drug abuse and its related problems that have damaging effects on society.

“We have personally experienced this in our own states. Our youths have fallen victims to drugs. BASIC is trying to bring up the issue through music. If we don’t check the menace, I don’t know what would happen to our states in the near future. We must try to find a permanent solution to eradicate it,” said Ering.

“It is like a cobra spreading its poison throughout the country. We can fight together. Together with the DoNer minister and the NEC, we would try to do something,” added Ering.

The album unites bands from the region to raise their voice for a common cause and features different musical genres like rock, rap, metal and even an all-girl rock band. It features ‘The Vinyl Records’ from Arunachal Pradesh, ‘Axis’ from Assam, ‘Alien Conspiracy Theory’ from Manipur, ‘Frisky Pints’ from Mizoram, ‘Afflatus’ from Meghalaya, ‘Abiogenesis’ from Nagaland and ‘Borkung Hrangkhawl’ from Tripura.

Due to its economic vulnerabilities and backwardness, several youths from the northeast have taken to substance abuse. It is said every third person in the region has experienced drug abuse at one point of his or her life.

“Basic will raise funds and try to support people in need, particularly HIV positive orphans. The worst sufferers and victims of drug abuse are mostly not the drug users but their families. Basic has been supporting ‘Tabitha Home’, an orphanage for HIV positive children for more than two years now. Most of the children’s fathers were injection drug users and HIV positive. Basic will organize a concert in November 2013 with all the seven bands in Delhi to create awareness among youths. Our mission is to create positive social change and build a just and equitable society,” said Elvis Khevito Lee, project manager of Basic.

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