(Verse 1)
Yo Man I Gotta Tell You Something
Me and My Homies Were Going Around This Block
I Individually didn’t knew about it
I thought we were two at first
Then it got a little crowded.
I Doubted.
It was Block 62, a few miles away from our school
I Thought I’ll Tell You Everything.
But I forgot About it.
Anyways, Let me tell you in details.
What Actually Happened.
We were 11 students at 6pm.
We gathered in circles.
To Tell You The Truth, I was a Little Nervous.
Contentious, Even Thought Of Running Away.
But I had no other option but to stay and keep Watch.
I was so cautious, every second and every minute
I kept staring at my Wrist-watch.
And the next moment I knew, Despite the fact I had no Clue.
We had more friends coming.
I was stunned when  I Saw my Cousin.
He Had Stuffs in His Hands, like he really cherished them.
And the few stuffs that he kept puffing.
No it was not a positive momentum.
I knew that complications and circumstances were like civil war.
But There I was standing in the midst, Yep I missed the point.
‘Cause the problem is they were injecting needles in their veins.
That’s the point with a reference. Ideological difference.
It’s not just that even Spliff and Cannabis.
I look around in order to escape
And there was a small lane ahead of us.
But then I thought to myself how my cousin is a part of this.
Un-ethical practice. Is This How it’s supposed to be ?
Or is it a Co-incidence?

What Makes You Survive
It’s  a poison inside you.
Taking you away.
From all that you are
And All That you can be
Na . Na Na Na.

(Verse 2)
Imagine How can be ever be
The person that we always wanted to be
A decree of a family, Homies robbing me.
At times it’s even harder to breathe.
I keep all the promises, analysis.
This process must be metamorphosis.
The dominance is all around us.
Power, Power, Let the Almighty Shower us with Power.
Now I am just tryna be clear.
Words are words  but what are these words worth.
If life is lost in this sphere.
Atmosphere, a monogomy of alliegance with no persevere
We gotta be near.
Incinicle with optical vision.
So have a listen to my vision and proceed as a mission.
I think you got it right. Yeah I’m a Christian.
I got this provision to make my profession.
To reach out to preach out.
Please be patient as I speak out.
A moment of silence. WAIT
A moment of violence I hate.
As I prolonged to persuade these verses.
The thirst of the urges. I lost a friend drowning in the urges.
His soul searches for answers.
To the question we can never answer.
‘Cause this world we live in is enacted
Wit Facilities inflicted with liqour.
Your life is disfigured.
It’s like pulling a trigger.

(Chorus Repeat)