BASIC Interviews BK On His Song ‘The Journey’

Question: What Inspired you to write the song “The Journey”?

BK: The song “The Journey” is about how far we can go to reach our goals, it’s about testing our limits no matter  what. If we take a look at our own lives, our life is actually a ‘journey’. We all go through ups and downs in our life. So in the same way, I’ve been through lots of ups and downs in my life but one thing that I have learned is that we have to be consistent . So for me to be a successful rap artist, I kept on telling myself that no matter what happens. Or what I go through, I will keep pursuing my dream. So in this course of time, I went through lots of hardship but I stayed focus on my goals and it made me achieve what I am right now . So the song “The Journey” is about not giving up on yourself but keep trying till you succeed. So in a way, I wrote the song so that it is a reminder/testimony to myself that I should not give up my dreams and that “The Journey” goes on…


Question: What was your expectation from the song?

BK: I did expect the song to do good, but honestly didn’t expect it to be THIS HUGE. The response and the love and support that we have received from the people is just amazing!!I feel that the song is doing good because everyone can relate to it. Everyone goes through some difficulties in their lives. But it doesn’t mean that we will give up on our dreams.

Question: How do you feel now? “The Journey” crossed 1 million hits on YouTube.

BK: It really feels great. I am humbled for such a crazy response from the people. The song is my title track of the album I am working on called “The Journey”. I am really thankful to everyone for their support and response in my Facebook Page, My YouTube Channel and so on.

Question: Your Message to the Upcoming Artists/Bands from the Northeast?

BK: Keep striving and keep doing what you do best. A Musician’s life is not easy, it takes lots of years of struggles,hardships. If you are loyal to your music and keep making good music, no one can stop you from reaching your goal. Much love.